Product Sizes

Ultimate Arm Sling: Child/Small Adult #50101 (50 - 90 lbs, 3.5 to 5' tall);  Adult Average #50201 (90 - 250 lbs, 5' to 6' tall);  Pro-3Xtra #50301 (225 - 300 lbs, 6' - 6'7" tall);  GOLIATH #50401 (300+ lbs, 6'7"+ tall)
Joslin ER Sling: Child #615 (50 - 90 lbs, 3.5 to 5' tall);  Adult #625 (90 - 250 lbs, 5' to 6' tall);  Triple XXX #635 (225-300 lbs, 6' - 6'7" tall)
Joslin Swathe: Child #50601 (50 - 90 lbs, 34" length);  Adult #50501 (90 - 225 lbs, 50" length);  GOLIATH #50701 (225+ lbs, 68" length)

All products are Latex Free

Arm Slings that Stretch: A Breakthrough in Comfort, Fit and Support

The Ultimate Arm Sling® has made the first major breakthrough in arm sling design by incorporating new fabrics and ergonomic features into its patented stretch arm slings. Our goal: to improve the comfort and fit for everyone needing a universal arm sling. In order to do this, we had to first address the reason why traditional cloth arm slings are so uncomfortable.

We found 4 key reasons:

  1. Every patient has a different arm length from elbow to wrist and traditional cloth slings come in fixed sizes that rarely fit exact arm lengths.
  2. Traditional cloth slings and straps are made of inflexible fabrics that create distinct pressure points and can cause neck pain.
  3. There is nothing that stops the hand or arm from slipping out.
  4. Because the fabric is inflexible, it can’t absorb the jarring effects of moving and walking.

The patented Ultimate Arm Sling® solves all these problems and more.

Ultimate Arm Sling®:

  1. The Ultimate Arm Sling® sling stretches to fit the length of the arm from elbow to wrist for a custom fit.
  2. Flexible cotton spandex allows the arm to be held in position without painful pressure points on the elbow or hand while dramatically reducing neck pain.
  3. Our patented hand loop design holds the hand gently but firmly in the sling. You can move without the aggravation of your hand slipping out.
  4. The Ultimate Arm Sling® allows the arm to move naturally with the body while absorbing the jarring impact caused by traditional cloth arm slings.

For added comfort, the strap is sewn of soft foam-backed fabric that adheres to Velcro® and adjusts easily for a custom, gentle and secure fit. Regardless of whether you have a temporary injury or permanent disability, our slings are designed for maximum comfort, fit and support. For more product information and to order, click here.

Joslin ER Sling®:

The Joslin ER Sling® is our disposable arm sling for use in hospital emergency rooms, clinics, disaster relief and anywhere arm slings are used in high volume for temporary injuries. For more product information and to order, click here.

Joslin Swathe®:

The Joslin Swathe® was designed to be used with the Ultimate Arm Sling® – or any other universal arm sling – to help stabilize the arm by holding it gently against the body. For more product information and to order, click here.

Great Arm Slings that Stretch
All products are Latex Free