“I would like to thank you for your lightening fast shipment of the sling for our daughter! You must have sent it the day I ordered it. The Ultimate sling is wonderful! My 6 year old daughter’s cast covers from just below the shoulder to her fingers, and the cast just kept sliding out of the ER sling. The Ultimate sling is so soft and comfortable – she actually WANTS to wear it! And the best part – IT STAYS IN PLACE! This is so important to me for the sake of my VERY active daughter; I know her arm is safe and secure while she’s running around outside with her friends. Thanks for a GREAT product at a reasonable price.”
“I received my sling today, and am extremely pleased I ordered it. Having been given a collar and cuff initially by the hospital to support my arm, post breaking my collarbone, I knew that I had to find something that would not dig into my neck…. I have gone through many combinations of strapping, however my new (Ultimate Arm Sling) is by far the most comfy. I shall definitely point out your product to my surgeon. Many thanks for the quick response.”
“I just received the sling and LOVE it! It is so much better than the one we got from the hospital. I love the stretchy material. The strap is so much softer around his neck – the other one kept hurting him. And the adjustable Velcro strap actually stays in place – versus that cheap buckle. I wasn’t exactly sure what the thumb loop was for when I ordered the sling – but love how it forces the arm to stay in position in the sling. (When he wore the other sling – his arm continued to slip out.) My son gets his cast tomorrow and I am going to bring the fliers with me to the hospital to show them. Hopefully they can tell other patients that they have other options when it comes to the sling. Great product!”
“I received my ultimate arm sling and swathe today. Why aren’t all slings made as nicely as yours? Thank you for 2 superior products.”
“My wife is very happy with her sling…much more comfortable and easy to use than the ones from the ER and her Orthopedist. Plus with the thumb loop it stays in place. Thank you.”
“This sling is amazingly comfortable – exponentially better than the cotton sling I was using before. The spandex and padded neck strap are a huge improvement over a non-stretchy sling and strap. I’m astonished that nobody has brought this product into Canada, and will be showing it to my physiotherapist with a recommendation that he look into importing it!”
“Many thanks for my second sling from your good selves. It arrived today and I was delighted both by the simplicity of the design and the comfort. I am really impressed by the speedy receipt of it all the way from Brisbane. Your postal services are certainly much better than ours!”
North Carolina
“An excellent product and top-notch customer service – what a great combination. My hurt arm feels like a coordinated part of my body again, not an overloaded shoulder bag.”
Rhode Island
“We just received the sling I ordered yesterday and I am so pleased. My daughter broke her arm and has pins in her elbow. The angle of the elbow is not 90 degrees like the nylon sling we got from the hospital. Your sling is at once comfortable and hugs her bandaged arm so well. She is only five years old and a tiny five at that. It is nice to have her comfortable for the first time in nearly a week. Thanks so much for making a quality product like this.”
“Thank you for the prompt service. The arm sling arrived in the noon mail. I can hardly believe it. And besides that, it fits. Thanks again. I’m a satisfied customer.”
“My husband already thanked you for your wonderful product but I feel I must also thank you. Last Sunday I was so dismayed with the quality and comfort of the sling I was wearing that I vowed I would design my own if I could not find anything better. I went online to search and there it was already your ultimate sling. I was so happy. I had a nasty shoulder fracture for which I was taking pain medication regularly. When your product came I put it on right away and got through the day medication free! I ordered two more so I may wash and wear them continually until I am healed, thanks.”
“WOW! Thank you so much for designing the perfect sling! Our son recently broke his arm and the hospital issue sling wasn’t supporting his arm at all. I found your product on-line and ordered it. It arrived in our mail promptly, and our son LOVES it. It doesn’t slide around, it’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t irritate his neck. The support and comfort are unbelievable. Even his other friends who are children have commented about how much better his sling is as compared to the standard hospital issue slings they’ve seen their schoolmates wear. Our son wears his sling all the time, and I feel so much more relaxed about his recovery because of it. I’ve told many others of your great product, including his orthopedic surgeon. Thank you again sincerely for your wonderful product and service.”
“The Ultimate Arm Sling arrived a few moments ago less than twenty four hours since I ordered. It is unbelievably comfortable, especially after the past five days of wearing the hospital issue arm sling. Thank you for your prompt and courteous service.”
“I’m writing to tell you how happy we were to find your site. I have been ordering slings through your company for a little over a year. My fiancé has had to wear slings for the past 11 years, as his arm is paralyzed due to a spinal injury…He was amazed at how much softer and flexible your slings are than the ones he normally wore. It took some getting used to–but know he’s hooked…Although his unfortunate injury will leave him in a sling most likely for the rest of his life, it is so nice to know that he can be comfortable. Thank you so much. We really appreciate what you do.”
Great Britain
“I would like to say what a quality product the Joslin Arm Sling was. It doesn’t appear that you can get anything like it in the UK, and it certainly helped as I was suffering from a broken collarbone.”
New Jersey
“Hi, just a note to thank you all for your excellent product and service. I talked to your sales rep on the phone yesterday, wish I knew her name to thank her personally for her caring and help. I have been in and out of shoulder immobilizers and slings numerous times since my auto accident 2 years ago. During that time I have worn several varieties of these and nothing comes close to the quality of you arm sling and immobilizer. It was shipped to me overnight and I have been wearing it all day. The comfort is beyond my wildest expectations. And for the first time I have a sling that actually looks good….. I have to believe whoever was responsible for creating this fine product has either been in my situation or has consulted many people who have. I just thrilled to finally have something that does the job comfortably and stylishly. Thank you so much.”
“I’m not surprised my patient expressed relief about 2 minutes after switching her old sling with yours! When I first saw her today, she was in a lot of pain, the sling was well out of place and giving her no support…I’m really excited about this sling and will surely spread the news to my colleagues.”
Osaka, Japan
“We received the sling today and it is perfect. Thanks.”
“I just wanted to write and say that this sling is the best! I broke my collarbone and need to wear a sling but I was able to return the next day to my advertising job. It’s so nice to have found a sling that’s comfortable and that actually goes with my wardrobe without making me feel totally self-conscious.”
New Hampshire
“Please send me a dozen slings…I am out of them. Patients and doctors love them. Best sling made.”
“Thank you so much for sending me the arm sling. I put it on as soon as it came and it is as comfortable as you said it would be. Although I have a pin in my thumb, I can now relax my entire arm with the sling on when I am walking around.”
“The doctor at the hospital writes ‘black comfort sling’ on a prescription pad and sends the patient to me.”